Do 50 points in every game in the qualifiers is a good score?


Per robot, or per alliance? Either way, that would win a lot of matches (looking at past games as an example).

Actually achieving such a score in every qualifying match is another challenge altogether :slight_smile:

Per robot !

50 points per team would be a very formidable alliance. Without the pyramid that would be 50 disks in the 3 point goal. Keep in mind the diminishing returns of only having 6 colored disks per alliance.

Also, consistency is a huge factor. If you can reliably contribute 50 points per match, your robot would be very valuable to any alliance.

Finally, whether or not it’s a good score depends on the quality of the competition. If no other robot can score, 5 points per match is a good score. I predict at more competitive tournaments 100 points by a single robot is not only feasible, it (is in some cases) expected.

You forget Auton. Easy 18 per team before telop going 9/9 with 3 point shoots.

Well seeing as the ideal maximum points scored per alliance is

Auton: 9*6 + 6*6 = 90
Teleop: 45 * 3 + 6 * 5 = 165
Hanging: 30 * 3 = 90
Total: 315

Or an average 105 per robot, 50 per would not really be enough to beat powerhouse alliances in elimination matches, but likely more than enough for the randomly generated alliances in the qualification matches.

If your robot could score 50 points per match would make you a good contender in regional competition

Last year; the average qualification score was less then 25 points, a lot less in fact but I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me. This year, I could see 40-50 being the average score, Assuming a decent number of 10 point hangers. Scoring 50 points all by yourself by climbing to the 30 and dumping 4 colored disks in would already be the average score, so you’d win 50% of your matches, add on your partners scores and you have a robot that will win most of its qualification matches, and either be an alliance captain or a high 1st pick.

Well if you say the other alliances is 4 defensive bots: 6(auto, all 3 want to low dump but only one can) + ^(tele-op for the other 2) +30(3 10pt hangs) = 42. If you score 50 by yourself, you should be able to win a couple matches by yourself.

Won’t be able to give a definitive answer until week one. Right now, I would say it’s a close call. I would also have to know how you’re scoring the 50 points.
If you’re scoring it as most people assume, with a 30 point climb and 20 point dump, then I would say that it may not be enough. While most likely a consistent method of scoring, potentially has the issue of being capped at 50 points. Possibly more if you can dump in autonomous and during the match, but you’d be hard pressed to break 65-70 points per robot.
If you’re scoring the 50 points by shooting and a 10 point hang, it may be better than a 50 point climb/dump. Reasoning: The 18 points in autonomous should be a given. As well, a 10 point hang should also be a given, especially with designs like Spectrum 3847’s simple passive hanger. That leaves 22 points to be scored by a shooter. Which is three full hoppers of frisbees to the top goal. Entirely do able in a minute and thirty seconds. Why this is better: This robot would be easily improvable to surpass 50 points by either making more trips to the feeding station (Driving practice = ability to dodge defenders or ability to change drive ratio for faster drive train.) OR the ability to add a floor pick up system and VASTLY cut down on trip time whitch would easily make 4 or 5 full hoppers feasible.

TL;DR a 50 point shooter could be improved upon. A 50 point climber is essentially capped at 50 points. You won’t know until competition whether 50 points is a lot or a little. You may get there and teams “bluffed” their accuracy in their videos. You may get there and find out that all the shooters are bats out of hell and dang accurate.

Exactly. Say you build a shooter that can low hang: 18(3 in auto top) + 48(4 full trips, either load or gather) +10(low hang) = 76pts. You do that, you would probably win every regional before week 5 and still seed high everywhere after that minus, perhaps, MSC/MAR/CMP.

Exactly what we want to do in week one.

And the best part is that you can become a better shooter, better loader/gatherer, and make a better hanger. But it is alot harder to build a big time hanger then modify after build to make it shoot consistently good at the top.

Oh yes. The first few weeks a good shooter with a 10pt hang will be great. I’ll take it!

My prediction?

Both are important strategies, both in quals and elims.

It’s the difference between scoring a lot of points fast vs. scoring a lot of points over a longer time. If you can pick up discs in autonomous and make 5 in the high goal, which is a lot more realistic this year compared to last (balls on the bridges). Most good shooters will be low to the ground and able to hp and floor collect, meaning that those additional white discs will be easy to get under the pyramid.

As people pointed out earlier, you can score a lot of points shooting +10pt hang.

Now consider the other strategy.

Usually by week three of the season someone has posted a video of their robot completing a game task. It is now week 4 and by my count this is one of perhaps only a handful of videos of a robot completing the task. I’m not trying to offend anyone, I understand it is an exceedingly difficult task and a lot of teams are still perfecting their systems. Most of the other designs I have seen have not inspired me with a lot of confidence.

As I’m sure a lot of people have realized, designing a 30 pt hanging mechanism is really difficult. It’s probably gonna weigh a lot and take up a lot of space. So shooting ability might be compromised.

If you do pull off climb+dump and you do it quickly, like 15~20s, and you can score in auto +18 that’s 68 points and it leaves most of the match open to focus on stopping the other alliance.

Assuming most good shooters are low to the ground and shoot at 45~30 so degrees it should be pretty easy for a tall 30pt climber to block them (especially if it has a net) without actually pushing them. Even more so if they are shooting from under the pyramid where they are protected.

It shouldn’t be too hard to deny the other alliance at least 15 pts using defense. 2 out of 3 times a great shooter+10hang would probably beat a great hang+dump. But an average shooter+10hang? A great shooter+10hang vs. a hang+dump+auto?

If your team is capable of building a great shooter+30hang+auto+pickup then you probably shouldn’t be stress’n bout winning :smiley:

As long as the discs exit the pyramid above the 60" rung you can’t block them.

Well, lets just say I think your team is especially clever :]

That’s not my team’s strategy, that would mean we were shooting from much to far away for our tastes. That’s the strategy I think most “good” shooters will use.

A robot climber is limited? depends on your point of view … you are considering that the frisbees will be dragged pills etc … or do you think every game will put 118 new frisbees? is taking into consideration that the kickers will always be shooting in the same place? the first to the last game?

A robot climber who can in 30 seconds to be on top of the pyramid will have approximately 60 seconds to make your strategy, help your alliance? hinder another alliance? this will be in charge of its strategy and its alliance. I think a robot that can do various strategies during the game, not a robot limited…

Agree completely…with one exception…not many have posted videos and partially because it is such a challenging task that many have steered clear from it (or maybe they are just playing their cards close to their vest :cool: calling Robonauts and Robotwranglers :yikes: ). On the other hand heavy? Hmmmm…88lbs compared to the 119.7 we hit last year doesn’t seem so heavy to us :smiley: