[size=][size=][size=]Go check out our official robot reveal and see this year’s bot,“Orion”, in action![/size][/size][/size]

Yay! Arkansas swerving. Looking forward to seeing this in person soon. Good job, Apophis. But who had time to work on your beautiful pit and costumes? Come on, guys. Priorities…

~ Meredith

Awesome looking bot, guys! Curious, what hubs did you use for the Fairlane wheels?

So sad we won’t get to be pit-partners this year… :frowning: Was hoping we’d see you at Bayou. Alas, hopefully we’ll get together soon.


(And hi from the rest of 5045!)

Neat Bot! Looking forward to seeing you in Little Rock.

What a great robot! Did you guys custom build the swerve modules, or are they COTS parts? Can’t wait to see you guys perform in Rock City. Come stop by the Ninja Munkee Pit and say hi!

I’m so excited to see this robot in action at Arkansas! Looks like rock city will be packed with many awesome robots!