5010 T-Shirt Robot Update

5010 has worked hard these past few weeks to get a working robot. Everything’s pretty much come together except for a few nuts and bolts.

See a video here: https://youtu.be/NZGkK7Itcko

We’ve still got a few things to tinker with before we officially call it finished, but here are some specs:

6 t-shirt rotating barrel

Car jack angle adjuster

6 wheel pneumatic drive

SCUBA tank shooter

Nice design! What material did you use for the actual barrels where the T-shirt was nested? What pressure do you use to shoot the shirts?

Looks good!

We are using PVC for the barrels and shooting at around 80 psi.

What are you planning to use to rotate the barrel?Also how much space is there between the actual shooter and the barrel?

  • Concerns about the use of PVC

I share the concerns about PVC, though this particular design looks like it could easily led itself to the addition of a “Shrapnel Shield” around the barrels using polycarbonate or some other material.

That said, having a bunch of students sit with their faces inches away from an untested PVC barrel (WITH NO SAFETY GLASSES) was/is probably not the best of ideas.

We still have some sprockets to manufacture before we can motorize the rotator. There’s only about 1/16" between the barrel and shooter.

The PVC barrels do not store any pressure. They are simply there’s to help the t-shirts accelerate. When designing this robot, we knew the risks of PVC. The only pressure they have to support, I guess, is the back pressure from the t-shirt. This is way less than 80 psi and the team and mentors believe it to be safe.

This ^^^

PVC is bad bad for storage but perfectly fine for use in a barrel.

i’ll be that guy: Where are the safety glasses? ::safety::

Our team has a very similar design ( I wish I had a picture to post but I cant find one right now) Our has one solid aluminum barrel with a scuba tank shooter. We used acrylic as the main supports for the barrel and the top plate on the base. We also took RGB LED’s and lined the inside of the frame to make the whole robot glow.

I’ll second that. 343 has used pvc barrels on our t-shirt shooter for almost 10 years with no problems.