5010 Tiger Dynasty - Deep Space 2019 Robot - Thomas A. Kördluseletrikdrïll (TAK)

Name: Thomas A. Kördluseletrikdrïll (TAK)
Weight: 116 lbs
Fun Fact: Name Origins
Thomas A. Kördluseletrikdïll was a Norwegian locksmith in the 1900s. He had an issue of getting lock outside of his home, which took too much time to unlock without the key especially in the winter. Thomas then created a battery-powered drill so he could open the doors to his house whenever this happened. It was later dubbed the Kördless electric drill in honor of his last name. He is celebrated by everyone on the 30th day of February. /s


My son, he is beautiful


I have enjoyed watching this bot in action! Looking forward to seeing you in Kokomo.

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5010 is pretty underrated in Indiana. I predict they’ll be a steal for the 2nd pick by an alliance and could go pretty deep.


Thanks for that vote of confidence! I’d say we’re hoping that we learned our lessons and can play more consistently than we did at Center Grove. We’ve got a good team this year.

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