5027 Gofundme success

5027 from San Jose started a GoFundMe campaign to find funds for CMP after winning SVR and has raised almost 24 thousand dollars in a week and a half.

This is insanely great. I’m absolutely amazed by their success. Have any other teams seen such success with fundraisers like this?

Looks like everybody really does love cheesecake!

1678 couldn’t be more thrilled that 5027 raised the necessary funds for St. Louis.

One week!


These students are the hardest working people you will find on their side of the Silicon Valley. Aside from their successful GoFundMe campaign, the students have also reached out to multiple newspapers, network news stations, the city council, and even the President of the United States (though they haven’t heard back from him yet). As a second year team, these students have accomplished more than most veterans I know of, and have more greatness planned for the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if they rise in the ranks quickly in the coming years in the Silicon Valley.

holy cow!! Congratulations! That is amazing!

We have been running a gofundme for a week or so and only have $3000 or so. How did you advertise yours? We are doing word of mouth and social media.

Thanks for any help!

Congratulations 5027! It was great watching your team throughout SVR.

I’m not sure if this was their main / only method, but there was an article featuring them in the largest local newspaper around here, San Jose Mercury News:

Congratulations 5027. You thoroughly deserve this opportunity and we look forward to seeing you in St. Louis. It was a pleasure working with you at SVR and creating one of the most exciting incidents (tug-o-war with 971) so far this year.

Let us know if you need help serving out that cheesecake at champs.

Hi, I’m the captain of 5027! Thank you so much for all the kind words and support!

We were afraid we wouldn’t be able to raise the money needed to go to Champs, so you can imagine we were quite ecstatic about going over our goal. :smiley:

We got most of that money after the article came out in the Mercury News but we also got on ABC7:

Just want to iterate what’s been said: reach out to everyone you know, post it on social media and stuff - if you’ve seen some of the donation comments you’ll see a lot of them are alumni “paying it forward” so while yes, the Mercury News article brought a lot of attention, it’s the community around our school that helped us reach our goal. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

The Cinderella team thanks you and we’ll see you at the ball. :wink:

Wow, great job! I’m glad your team will be able to make it to championships!

Thanks everyone. It really helps when you have 254 and 1678 pick you as their partner, and then have their engineers cheesecake you. It also helps to have a great mentor team like Dark Matter lend us their shop. Other teams including Barn 2 Robotics and the Warrior Borgs among many others helped us out too.

While I am proud of our team, I am thankful do everyone who helped us out along the way. I used to work with Mark Leon, who was very close to the Cheesy Poofs. One time after they has won yet another regional, I said, “You must be very proud of your team.” He replied, “They are all my teams, and I am proud of all of them.” We hope to see you all at Champs - last I heard we will be on Newton.

You’re in Newton with us! Please come by and we’ll do everything we can to support you in your run at Newton.

We posted the MercNews article on our Facebook page. Hope that it helped.

I guess we’re pretty successful with our gofundme - nearly $11,000 raised.

I’m really glad to hear of your success! And thank you for posting about the ways you reached out to your community. We’re not yet going to Saint Louis but we’re hoping we’re on the way to the New England District Championships. And we’re in mad fundraising mode. :slight_smile:

I never thought that I’d be spending the evening reading marketing docs but FIRST gives everyone a chance to learn something new!