503 and 910 in love at IRI!

Our match (us being 503) against 910 has to be the best i’ve been in all year. We are great friends with Foley and before the match we were both telling each other that we were going to tip their robot first ect… Well the end result was love…


59:20 (start of match)

-Even ended up sharing a soccer ball dinner at the end of the match :smiley:

The video isn’t loading for me (it’s my internet - I swear. My friend can load it find), but after seeing Chris’s picture, I was wondering how in the world I missed this. Then, I realized that I was a bit occupied with the robot sitting in my goal :rolleyes: Can I assume that both robots emerged from the tangle free of serious harm?

They stayed upright for the entire match, graphically exchanging their soccer ball. No damage seemed to occur; I was right in front of it and it just looked like a tip.

I for one think this kind of robot “love” is absolutely inappropriate for children and both teams should have been condemned for such graphic displays.

We did get a yellow card… lol

What happened was that our robot’s drive train was not working very well during that match. We had much trouble turning. So we resulting into going back and forth in the far zone. Eventually both our robot and 910’s began to tip at the same time and we just sat there making one big mountain. It was quite enjoyable. At that point I really dident care too much about the match. So when I heard about an alliance member stuck in the goal I thought it was really funny :smiley:

And yes, both robots were fine.

that was the greatest. I’m glad no robots were harmed, tho :wink:

If only you would have shot the ball into the crowd. That would have been one of my highlights to see a soccer ball flying up into the stands.

Hahaha thats was great! Hopefully BX can come to IRI next year!

You must have stepped out at the wrong times. On at least 2 occasions that I saw, soccer balls were launched diagonally into the first couple rows of the stands accidentally.

On another occasion, in a very close fought match, a ball was fired out of bounds, rebounded off a referee’s stomach, then went into the goal.

On yet another occasion during the playoffs, an autonomous ball got caught in the side-netting near the goal. The referee pushed it out of the netting and it dropped onto the field and hit a ball that was rolling into the goal, preventing it from scoring.

It was just SO competitive out there that you noticed all the little wierd things because single points counted for so much.

Oh IRI was loads of fun! And we actually were talking about kicking that ball into the air. Had we known that we already got a yellow card for that match we prob would have… lol

But yeah, I was just happy that IRI wasent too super serious and that we could relax a bit and have fun. Thats what made this match very enjoyable for me.

Here’s a photo my dad took of the situation:


Did they call that carry penalty on ya?

Yeah we actually got a yellow card for continued interaction as 910 was going up.

I guess I must have. I do remember seeing referees and the camera people getting hit every now and then. Actually, I think we hit one of the refs in one of our matches.

I don’t think 910 got the yellow card because the way 503 was pushing them meant that even if they released the ball it would hit 503 and not land on the ground.

Only we got the yellow card for that match, and I don’t believe that it was for the ball either. It was strange because no one told us anything until we got back to our pit after the match. We had a ref come talk to us about our “aggressive driving”. I think 910 walked away from that match penalty free.

Sorry I probably should have worded my response a bit more clearly. I meant that we (503) got a yellow card for interacting with 910 as they were tipping.

910 actually did release the ball, getting stuck on our sticky plate.