5030 Presents Boomer

We would like to present our 2016 robot, Boomer.

We will be competing at FLR and NYC.
Good Luck to everyone.

That’s a very elegant design. I especially like how you use the pair of belts and the polycarb flap to hold the Boulder so securely. Are you using the “wedge” to stabilize your robot against the Batter when you shoot high?

The wedge is actually there to help with the portcullis and the chival.

Yes, I figured that. At 0:45 in your video, it looked like you were using the wedge to stabilize your robot but it could also just be the wedge hanging down and resting on the Batter. Quite a few robots rock back and forth from the recoil when taking a shot and yours didn’t seem to.

Best of luck to a great looking machine.