5030 Talon Towers

For the last few years on 5030 we have been using a custom Talon Tower for Talon SRs which we have redesigned a few times. This year we have been playing around with a 3D printed tower for Talon SRX’s which we tested in the offseason. They include mounting holes and holes on the sides to run zip ties to help with wire management. We just made a new updated model that can hold Talon SRX’s and Spark Max on the same tower. (Download Link)

Talon SRX and Sparks

Talon SRX

Talon SR


Bumping this back as build season is about to come back around.
I actually added another model, the spark max holder we used last year, mounts using two bolts, and holds on snug to the spark max with no mounting hardware required.

Spark Max Holder Spark Max Holder2

Same download link as last time, just added the new model.
(Download Link


I realized I never actually made them public on Onshape, but they are now.
If you search 5030, you can find our Talon SRX tower, Talon SR Tower, and our Spark Max Holder.

Looking good. We’ve used something similiar last year for the talons to save space and consolidate wiring!

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