5137 pneumatic division problems

Our team 5137 is having trouble with out level 3 climb due to the fact that we have 4 pneumatic cylinders on each corner however each corner is supporting a different weight and our systems are always leaning in different directions depending on the pressure. Is there any way that we could possibly track and automatically adjust our lift to keep all pillars level with keeping in mind that we would have to install it during the competition. We aren’t having a problem with having the same pressure that is working however each side is holding a different load from what I’ve seen and heard its hard but I’m hopeful, thanks for taking the time to respond.

Without any pictures, it is hard to speculate about what fixes could possibly work.

One thing I would try, if it is possible, is to mechanically link the front 2 cylinders to each other and the same for the back 2 (maybe just an aluminum bar for each pair). This way you only have to worry about having an approximately equal weight distribution front to back as opposed to having all corners needing to be under the same load

Hello, welcome! In general, unless we somehow become 971, our team strives to have synchronized functions be mechanically linked together. However, if you can’t do that in the time allotted, would you consider adding additional secondary regulators so each leg runs on its own, independently adjustable, working pressure?

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Should help.

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