-52007 in CAN Receive.vi persists

We continue to see the -52007 message after a cRIO reboot. We have verified firmware levels, at version 87, and can communicate with the BCD-COMM software.
We have tried two cRIO’s and have set the comm port dip switch in both positions.

Is there anything else we might be trying?

We are using LabView and communicating through the cRIO serial port.

Do the jags drive? We get those errors on init but all of the jags still run.

Update to version 89, it fixes a bug with resetting IDs. Speaking of resetting IDs, plug it into BDC-comm and check everything. If 2 jags got reset then the system gets confused because 2 jags share IDs.

In the end I found a new version of the CAN robot example code posted on First Forge. Revision 39 posted on Feb 18 and it seems to have resolved all of the issues I was having.
Too bad that it only left me one day to get my steering code working.
Still two bugs left but I can fix them between now and the competition I hope.:slight_smile: