5404 Bumpers

Do these bumpers look legal to you?
We are worried that they might violate R21D and R24.
The color is fairly unambiguously blue, so they should pass R21D.
R24 worries us more.

Not to me have to close that corner gap and have a pool noodle behind it.

I’m not a Robot Inspector this year, so my opinion doesn’t carry any authority. However, I suspect most RIs would say you have too much of the wrong color showing.

As a LRI, I would tell you that you have too much of the wrong color showing. The rules are pretty specific about this. also, that corner looks like it could use some more noodle. Better to fix it now than try to find a way to do it at your first competition.

Remember also, your bumpers need to be easily removable in a short time. Often teams who built this type bumper forget that they still have to come off quickly for inspection.