5413 Lost Flag - Buckeye Regional

So, we have just packed up for Ohio State Champs after unpacking directly from Buckeye Regional in Cleveland and realized our flag is missing. Did anybody happen to accidentally take a blue Stellar flag home? It may have been in a cardboard tube that we cannot locate in our build space, either.

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Bumping because we got word back from Nancy Richards that it was likely not left at Cleveland, Iā€™d hope that a team loading near us after competition simply took it by accident. We are reorganizing our build space completely, fingers crossed it turns up in an odd place.

Did you check load-in/load-out areas for Buckeyem

They told us they did and there was nothing located in lost and found. We were staged very close to another team (cannot remember for the life of us, everyone was so tired) so we are worried someone may have accidentally taken it.