5460 Strike Zone 2023 Reveal

We are proud to present our robot for the 2023 season: VIPER

Robot Details:


  • 26" x 26"
  • SDS MK4i L2


  • Deployed with Falcon 53.3:1
  • Driven with Falcon 3:1
  • Orients cones and cubes for handoff


  • Powered with 2 Falcon’s
  • 140:1
  • 3D Printed joints with aluminum supports


  • Powered with a Falcon 8.4:1
  • Thrifty bot wheels
  • 2.7 lbs

Competing at:

  • Week 1 - Kettering University
  • Week 3 - Western University
  • Week 5 - Macomb CC


You love to see it.

Nice bot!


Our bot looks real similar, I think we both gotta pay some homage to 971…

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A lot of Improvements have been made over this season so I wanted to break them down before the State Championship. A few of the big ones are:

  • L3 on our MK4i’s (Speed is the name of the game)
  • Changed to 120:1 on our Distal Arm
  • Shaved off a half pound on our EOAT and relocated the motor for less rotational mass.
  • Ton’s and ton’s of driver practice.
  • Removed LL April Tag alignment

Thanks to out alliance partners at all three of our events so far: 1506, 8728, 1241, 216, 3175, 2604, and 6085. And another shoutout to all the event staff who made the events run seamlessly for all teams. We are excited to carry this momentum into DCMP this upcoming weekend. Just waiting on those divisions :pray:


Love it. How does the arm adjust for a proper hand-off when the cone or cube is to one side or the other on the intake?

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We currently don’t do a handoff between the intake and the claw for cubes. In testing we found a lot of inconsistencies that would put the arm into vulnerable positions. To reduce the risk of a popped cube or a damaged robot, we made the decision to not do a handoff but rather just grab the cubes off the shelf if we want to score them high or mid for now.

We are in development of a arm position that would pick up cubes from the ground but are uneasy about that due to the arm being in a vulnerable position as well.

This caught my attention. Why did you remove this? Was it not consistent enough? Not accurate enough? Not fast enough?

What are you using (or planning to use) for alignment? Are you just doing manual alignment? Or are you using the retroreflective tape on the cone nodes? Or…?

We are currently re-evaluating our vision system to try to get something better working for Houston. Our drivers have mostly been using manual alignment as the vision based approach that we had been using was slower than the drivers. But we are hoping to find a vision based solution that is quicker than the drivers in order to improve our cycle time. Just wondering whether you have had a similar experience and what you’re planning to do differently.

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We originally were using 2 limelights together to update our odometry during the match this allowed us to do some cool things like zone based gyro locks when scoring and collecting off the player station but what is lacked in was an efficiency when positioning the robot for scoring. We worked to refine the code for multiple weeks but ended up scraping it after our week 3 event in Ontario.

After which we switched to using the vision tape on the poles of the scoring nodes. This solution is working great and in hindsight is better overall than using the april tags for this game imo. We haven’t had any issues with this since we started using it.

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We’re you struggling to get accurate enough pose updates to be able to auto align to score?

The pose updates were working within reason, we filtered the data and only update pose if it was consistent. We also placed our limelights so one of the two would always have vision of at least two tags when scoring. The issue was with just not having enough time to tune everything to a competitive level. We knew how to use the limelight to target the vision tape like we have done in previous years, so after testing that we where able to get that working much better than the april tag stuff had been so we switched to it.

Also after switching to the tracking the poles we have found that it integrates into our control system better. The characteristics of the tracking seem to be better fit for the driver. These characteristics can be replicated with april tags but they would take a-lot of development to get right.

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Wow what a season…

As we’ve arrived home from the World Championship greeted by our community the scale of our success this year started to set in. The long hours and hard work finally paid off in the end after many people had already written us off. Words cannot describe how proud I am of the students and mentors of Strike Zone!

We wouldn’t be anywhere without our amazing alliance partners a huge huge shoutout to 125, 870, and 2590. The comradery of this alliance directly impacted the success we had on the field. There were so many great memories made that will stick with the team forever.

Moving into the off season we are looking forward to attending many off season events, a few of which include IRI, Chezy Champs, and Kettering Kickoff. Another goal is continued growth the team. Our current roster consists of 14 students and 4 Technical Mentors. This leads me into my pitch for any experienced mentors who are interested in helping grow the team in all aspects. If you have interest please reach out to myself via DM on CD or directly through email ([email protected])

Thanks to everyone who assisted the team throughout the season, as well as our generous sponsors, none of it would have been possible without you!


5460 an amazing robot, but more importantly an amazing team!!

We appreciate that you considered us a viable partner and included us on the amazing alliance that you built.
Watching the 4 teams jell throughout the Daly playoffs was inspiring. By the time the alliance made it to Einstein we were definitely greater than the sum of our parts. This is evidenced by the fact that Statbotics predicted all of our Einstein matches to be losses. Clearly, that did not turn out to be the case. I believe that the 1 point differential in the last match against Hopper was proof positive that we , the Daly Alliance, could play the game at a high level.
I don’t think you ever have to worry about anyone writing off 5460 in the future.
Thank you again for believing in 870.


We got to see at MSC how good you are up close. I’m not surprised at all at how far you made it. Great machine and team! Congratulations!


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