5464 autonomous

Hears a link to a video of our autonomous!


and heres a pic of our robot.


Good luck and see you in Duluth!

Great work! I love how you executed the scissor lift, after we decided that it would probably be too complicated (although who are we to talk, considering our cube shooter). I also love that you guys are keeping the rhino tracks alive. I sincerely hope you fixed that bumper though.

I’m also sad that we can’t pair up again at our regionals. That #6 alliance was really fun.

Thanks, our programming team has come a long way from last year! And that alliance was a ton of fun, good luck this season and I will see you guys in Detroit! (fingers crossed, and the bumpers are good now :slight_smile: )

looks clean, Not sure if you guys have considered it but the wire guards which run from the outer wall to the scale right where you turn have significant effects on the robot. this of course is dependent on the drive train but should definitely be considered.

Thanks! we hadn’t thought about that. ::ouch:: Hopefully our rhino tracks can ignore them, but we will need to test that, I think that our auton uses a giro for turning, not a timer, so we should be good… maybe

I am guessing that your scissor jack is made from pieces of aluminum tubing or channel. What are you using for all the pivots? Do you have some sort of bushing in the aluminum?

the lift is made of aluminum bar, the joints are just shoulder bolts and strawberry jam grease