5479 Cafe Bot's Stronghold Robot


We have high goal and low goal abilities. We can pass also pass the low bar. Unfortunately we had a really small team this year and didn’t have time to build the defenses, but we can hypothetically pass the rough terrain, cheval, moat, portcullis, rock wall, sally port, and ramparts. With a bit of finesse, I believe we can also get past the drawbridge.

Thanks for looking, see you at the Saint Louis Regional!

Why did you guys use surgical tubing instead of a timing belt/chain and sprocket to connnect the center intake wheels? It looks great btw!

The second wheel powered by that surgical tubing was more of an after thought. Thus, we didn’t have the necessary supplies/right sized belt to make it work. Adding that second wheel however increased our ability to manipulate the ball drastically.

Looking great Cafe Bot! These guys had an awesome rookie season (8 seed alliance captain) and it looks like they’ll have an even better sophomore season. Looking forward to playing with you at Chaifetz!

Robot related question - What kind of drive train are you using? I think I see some tank tread material buried in there.

Thanks! We ended up using the Rhino track modules.

Looks good to. Really am interested to see where this team is in 5 years, I predict greatness. You guys look great. Also can’t wait to play with you guys in STL.

I hope so. Thank you!

Looks good! One thing though is that it may be difficult to get over the rough terrain depending on the clearance underneath your main frame. I’m not really sure why I’ve seen it more on the Rhino Tracks compared to pneumatic wheels but a lot of teams it seems like are mounting there frames lower, causing them to get stuck on rough terrain.

I’d say rough terrain is the obstacle I’m most concerned about, especially with our diamond-pattern belly pan. That said, we’re planning on bringing a poly carbonate piece that we can place underneath that will barely detract from the ground clearance. We have around 1.5" of clearance, so we’ll see.

Nice looking robot Cafe! I’ve seen a couple people in the area using tracks, but I don’t think one using a Rhino. Our field is also open Saturdays to come and test your robot. It looks really good and simple. Hope to see it closer at Chaifetz in a couple days.