5484 Half field complete

5484 just completed our half field this after noon. Year five kick-off in the bag. Coming out of day two with half a field isn’t a bad way to spend a weekend. The team is more energized than ever, as we prepare for our Deep Space adventure! Howl to the Wolf Pack!


And we’ll start working on our half field… Friday.

Looks great. How good are the field drawings this year?

We we’re lucky to have access to a 4’x8’ CNC router to cut all the pieces out with. I have 35 students who then put everything together. One of my senoira was in charge of cutting all straight 2x 4s and 1x1 but wanted me to cut all angle pieces. But we got all the pieces cut out at 7 last night and stopped working at 10 and started back up at 8 this morning and finished around 2.

did you only use the field drawings given, because my team is getting confused with the given field drawings

Yes, to build. The cad files were used to cteate the tool paths, but assembly was all the given info. 1 tip is the bubbles, with numbers, are only some of the parts. Look at the actual part name for make sure you are using the correct part. Like part 07 didn’t have a bubble but the part name was something like FE-180807

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Can you post the number of roboteer and mentor hours spent? Thanks!

I dont understand the question? We had the material in the shop from the shipping list. Two mentors started cncing around 2 and finished around 7. Then 3 hours of 35 students assembling on Saturday and then 6 hours on sunday of students and two mentors.

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That’s what I was looking for!

(2*5)+(35+2)*3+(35+2)*6 = 343 person hours (upper end of the estimate)


To be fair, today their we’re only like 20 students. I would have to check my time clock, not everyone spent the night yesterday. Also we had 3 mentors last night.


WOW Great Job!