5523 (rookie team) requests LabView program help

5523 has an awesome robot bulldozer with the standard Andymark chassis (built long) and two CIM motor drive per each toughbox gear set (one twin motor for each side) to be operated by the joystick.
The bridge is configured. The RoboRio is configured. When we power up all four KOP (rookie 2015 version) talons blink on the motor side.
When I load the sample Labview program, the Driver Station goes green on all: bridge, robot, code, and joysticks AND the joystick makes ONE talon control ONE motor on the right side; so I know there is some level of connectivity that appears good.

My rookie programmer believes he has a correctly written code, but neither of us have been able to “import”, “upload”, or “merge” his code into the RoboRio to even test his code.

So, what would be awesome is for there to be a “simple” program written that could be uploaded into our driver laptop and RoboRio. “All” it would need, is to have four talons control four motors through one joystick (alternately, and perhaps better: two talons -one for each side -right and left, with each of the two talons being rewired with a “y”-wire connector, in other words one talon connected to and controlling both of the motors on one side for synchronicity in the gear box). The “simple” program would “only” need to make the robot move; Forward, reverse, turn right, turn left.

I was hoping to “Learn” Labview this weekend, but after spending as much time as possible the last two days with the tutorial… I realize this is a bigger task than even a long weekend crunch session.

Additionally, we have one more motor to be controlled with a Talon SR that could control an awesome vertically articulating gate. It would load and unload the totes from the human-fed chute. It has two contact/pressure switches as input (one for high position (Home position) and one at the low position). We had planned on backing up the robot to the human station with the gate in the high position, Receive the tote. drive to the scoring platform. Then with the thumb-switch on the joystick, activate the motor to lower the gate releasing the tote to slide onto the scoring platform (this is not a complete revolution of the motor, more like 180 degree rotation), then lift the gate 'till it hits the home (high) switch and leaving it in that position to receive another tote.
This, of course is secondary, to just moving the robot at all, but it is the cool part of our design.

Of course, for the autonomous part, just blindly driving the robot straight ahead for so-many-seconds is our current out-of-time plan.

Then, some guidance as to how to get this program into the laptop and roborio to see if it all will work.

Sorry to make this request during such a crunch time. I was hoping to be able to pull it off, but the labview has me really stumped.

Thank you for any advice, resources, etc. that you can offer.

That program comes default with LabVIEW (it uses the y-cable setup). I’ve attached images showing you how to find it.

You need to right click on “FRC Robot Boot-up Depolyment” and click “Build” to compile your code. When that is completed you should connect to your robot. Then right click on “FRC Robot Boot-up Depolyment” again and select “Run as Startup” to put your code on the robot.

Thank you for the quick reply. The screen-shots are most helpful.
I had done the steps in screen-shots 1 & 2, but instead of using the FRC Boot Up Deployment, I loaded the RoboRio with the RobotMain.vi.
I will try the boot deployment tomorrow and see if that will activate the left talon as well.

When you run tomorrow, feel free to email me (click on my username and select send an email) if you have any issues or questions.

I also want to reiterate that AGPapa is correct, but also add that when on the robot’s wifi, one can click on the run button on Main.VI which is useful for debugging (this will make the code run on the robot in a probable state, but this “deploy” method does not stay after reboot).

Thank you so much. I will.