5576 Rookie Robot "The Godfather"

Our robot is finished and bagged! We didn’t make a fancy reveal video, but we have a bunch of practice runs up on our youtube channel.
After practicing driving all day, we can consistently stack 2 stacks of 6 totes with bin and a noodle in the 2:15 time limit.
We named it “The Godfather” after our sponsor Godfather’s Pizza who donated free pizzas to us.
We just decided on the name Team Terminator four our team!







Nicely done guys. I now plan on seeing you at worlds!!!

your not a rookie team stop the fibbing lol seriously nice job

Great job! Can’t wait to see you guys in action at North Star!

Can’t wait to see you guys at North Star-- you look like you’ve hit the ground running! Seeing how good your robot looks this year makes me even more excited for what you’ll come up with in future years!

Nice job rooks from a 2014 rookie all-star team…hope you win same award and make it to St. Louis!

Nice Job guys! I especially love the HP station loading with the tote slide on the robot. Best of luck to y’all.

Whoa, that is amazing. The robot came out great, and has a lot of smart solutions! The name works well, too. I really want to see where you guys end up at.

Good luck and have fun at your regional and possibly St. Louis. :smiley:

Looks awesome, love the HP station slide to quickly build stacks.

Good luck at your competitions!

Thanks for all the great comments everybody! The ramp was a last minute design change that we did sunday and monday and it required gutting all of our electronics. It was a huge improvement and the risk turned out to be worth it.

Very nice. One of the few other feeder station loaders I’ve seen. It’s neat to see how others have implemented the same overall concept we used.

I’m glad you saw this! Shout out to you guys for the video that inspired us to implement this in our design. We were talking about it on our drive back from the scrimmage 525 hosted in Cedar Falls when we realized how easy it would be to modify our robot this way.

Very nicely done guys and girls!