558's Little Engine That Could autonomous mode

For your viewing pleasure, a couple of videos of our Logomotion bot, The Little Engine That Could, in autonomous mode hanging tubes on the middle center and right hand pegs. By our regional, we plan to be able to hang on the top row in autonomous as well (just have to get that lifting mechanism working!!)

Nice line tracking. Very cute name, “Little Engine That Could”. Best of luck to you guys!

Thanks! Our programmers are very proud of their work, I think it’s the furthest they’ve ever gotten with autonomous before ship day. And the students picked the robot name to go along with the theme for both this year’s game and our Chairman’s submission, which involves how small teams like ours can still aspire to be Chairman’s teams. They should be posting some white papers soon with their ideas.

Do most teams program autonomous at regional?

The past few years we’ve been fortunate enough to build a second “spare” robot, so the programmers can keep working even after ship.