5653 Covid-19 GroceryBot

Introducing the 5653 GroceryBot! Our team hastily built this bot on our last day of school to remotely deliver groceries to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Members of our community can submit a grocery list to us, and we’ll deliver the groceries right to their car. We thought this would be a great way to volunteer in our community, we would love to see more “GroceryBots” across the FIRST community.


Really cool idea and execution!!! It won’t ever get an inspection sticker due to the janky bumpers and being outside its frame perimeter but I think it definitely win’s a judges award. Make sure you put that in your Chairman’s presentation cause that’s just damn cool.


Cool idea! I do have a few questions though: What advantage does this provide over someone wearing a mask and gloves using a standard shopping cart to deliver the groceries? Can it operate entirely autonomously or with minimal physical human contact?

Other than that, it’s nice to see teams trying to help. Kind of feels like the world’s coming together for something for once.

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That is a great idea! You are attacking the root cause of the pandemic by minimizing person to person contact.

A coworker told me his son teaches a robotics class in Abilene. His VEX team collaborated with another and built a similar robot for making deliveries in their local hospital, minimizing the exposure of the staff. They made the exterior surfaces easy to sanitize.

This shows that help during this pandemic does not have to be in the form of masks,shields and ventilators.


One of the news outlets that covered us!


Fair point! I have to give the students credit as the timeline from idea to school closing was 4 hours. I was super impressed they stripped down the t-shirt cannon bot that lacked bumpers and transformed it to something functional. They loaded the bot and batteries on the truck at the end of the day!

I totally agree that its SO TOTALLY VERY COOL!!! And the fact that they did it in 4 hours, even more so. Way to go All, Woody would be so proud of everything the teams are doing to help during these weird times.

Very cool , nice to see you are helping out and making the best of it!
Good luck!

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