5675 WiredCats Off Season Swerve Project

The Mattawan WiredCats Team 5675 has spent many hours working on our swerve project.

Hours of discussion, CAD, research, production and build has resulted in our first swerve drive module.

We took inspiration from 2767, 910, 33, 2910 and any other posted swerves here on CD. Then put our own spin on our finished product.

We did initial and rigorous testing of one module on a tri-bot.

We then produced three additional modules and a test chassis.

The final result has been very positive. Video will be posted once it is uploaded, in my next post.

CAD and Code will be posted on our website once the final revisions are made.

Sure hope this years game is swerve friendly. :thinking:


Our latest video after some tweaks to code and a few mods to the drive.

Comments and questions welcome. I know a bit, and I’m sure others from the team will pitch in when needed.

Great project for our team. We also were very appreciative of all the input that teams at WMRI provided when we displayed our initial untested module.


We had taken some comparative pics next to the MK2 units.

Each module weighs 5.0lbs as is, we have looked at some lightening which would yield about .30 lbs per. We will see how aggressive we will want to be.

Time tests have yielded an average actual speed of 11.2 ft/s, calculated theoretical speed was 12.37 ft/s. 5676 rpm free motor speed, 6x reduction and 3" wheels.

Our test chassis including the battery weighs in at 55lbs.


Looks great guys! Looking forward to seeing you compete with it this year.

Thanks Doug, Your team has been great inspiration. The information you provide here, at events and at your open house is fantastic.

Now that the base is drivable, Put some weight on it. Should be at least 140lbs. You may have to tune the steering PID’s more. Also, for auton, see how straight it drives. May have to add acceleration ramping. Game permitting, I think there will be many swerve that look like yours. Could mistake it for our test chassis except our plates are blue.

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Bumpers, weights and seeing if we can break it are on this weeks agenda.

I love the sound of swerve!!!

Keep it up.

We did some tuning prior to runs like this. The first run it ran like a drunk bot, swaying back and forth.

These were our time test runs. We ended up placing tape at 10’ intervals to get a better feel for acceleration and top speed.

We wondered where our blue plates went. :wink:

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One of our objectives in the design was to pull parts from existing vendors as much as possible. For packaging many of these parts were machined to fit our use.

Here are a few of the parts after they have been modified.

Once our CAD gets loaded the the fit and finish should be easier to see.


The CAD for our swerve has been loaded to our 2019 Blue Alliance page for those that are interested.

Grab cad link https://grabcad.com/library/5675-off-season-swerve-1

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