57 Robot Videos

Neither time nor appropriate footage for a fancy reveal, so you only get a few quick youtube links. All videos courtesy of 3847 and 2587 generously hosting a practice field for Houston area teams.

Shooting Far
Shooting Near

Yes, we’re close an invalid hang. We’re shifting the battery on Thursday morning to move the balance point a bit and make things more obvious. Also, our fourth frisbee shoots a little hot as it’s not dealing with the drag from the other frisbees. We might put a counter in the firing program to slow down the fourth shot a hair.

Unshown is a video of us shooting from the far corner of the pyramid, which we’ll have as an autonomous option, and a vid of us sinking 4 3-pt frisbees while hanging from the near side. I swore we weren’t at the right angle or speed for that, but my coach proved me wrong, so now it’s a feature.

Very nice. I’m glad you guys got some good work in during the Week 0 practice this weekend. I’ll see you in two weeks at Lone Star.

Great stuff ! This robot is impressive in person. It shoots consistently from many positions on the field.

It was great to see 57 at a scrimmage, now if we could just get all those other Houston teams to come out of the woodwork !

I’d settle for getting them to the boot camps and robot builds so we can get them a leg up for Lone Star. Royal High School came by our shop last Saturday and we helped them whip together a reasonably competent shooter in a day. We really need more teams willing to ask for help when they need it.

As expected, that looks well thought out and well constructed. The competition will be tough at Lone Star.

Sorry to miss the Scrimmage. There were aesthetic reasons :confused:

If you’re claiming your robot wasn’t pretty enough for scrimmage, I’d like to point out that 3335 showed up with a practice bot that had a rats nest of pneumatic tubes and reservoirs. I don’t think a robot can be too ugly for scrimmage if it’s not in flames.

Anyone else thought this was a post with 57 different videos?

still wondering why this team doesn’t have Heinz for a sponsor and switch from Leopard mascots to a Ketchup bottle every time I see a posting on C.D.

Do like the Leopard tails at competition though.:smiley:

You and Steve Alaniz should get together and plan a coup. He had the same idea. His team name suggestion was the “Fighting Pickles”.

Fighting Pickles and Crusading Cucumbers have already been taken by top quality FTC teams at Mansfield HS up DFW way. They send a kid out in one of those all green spandex jumpsuits with boxing gloves which is a hoot:D What an alliance of mascots that would be to have team Heinz with the Fighting Pickles:ahh:
Must be past the FRC build window and tournament prep brain creeping in and controlling my thoughts…