571- Kicker playing nice with bumpers.

Bumpers and balls playing nice… well almost :rolleyes:

This is our final kicker design as seen before in our current chassis. We still have a maximum intrusion of 3’’ with the ball. Bumpers are legal size and composition mounted as high as legally possible. All we did was adjust were the ball contacts the kicker and slowed the spin a bit. Best of all we still kick totaly with in our frame perimeter ::safety:: Hope it helps

Actually, if one freezes frame at the 12 second mark they can see a projection of something associated with the kick beyond the frame perimeter, but still within the bumper perimeter;)

Kudos to Paragon :cool:

Yep, something that looks very small (I don’t think it’s the kicker itself) definitely comes out of the Frame Perimeter. Also, it stays out there until the end of the video.

untrimmed aircraft cable :stuck_out_tongue: we were in such a rush to see if it worked we just secured it and didn’t take time to trim off the extra. good eye.

Hi! Can you share the secret of your ball roller?

No secrets here Steve. I am an avid supporter of 842’s open idea sharing I think it will make first more competative and in turn more fun.

So our ball roller is made of 2 8" pneumatic wheels from sky way. I don’t see why the 6’s wouldn’t work we just had 8’s around and went with them. They are mounted on a 3/8ths steel shaft 6" off the ground to the center of the shaft. The 2" wide wheels have a 5" spacing inbetween them. They are then going to be driven by 2 fisher price motors. We had to go with a steel shaft as our kicker is mounted on the same shaft and was bending the aluminum. We don’t meet tonight but if you would like I will post some pictures for you.

Hey! Never got around to saying thank you! Hope your season was great.

a note to you… after driving the robot around, we found that the wheels didn’t do the job that we wanted… it worked on paper and our teaser video’s, but when we actually tested it for the competition we found it wouldn’t be enough… so when a few members of the team went up to the BAE regional in NH, we found several teams using a vacuum system… they said that the took the vacuum from a Wal-Mart dust-buster and replaced it with a Fisher Price motor… the for the suction… we put a $2 sink plunger… it was up to our standards and worked out quite well in competitions

Do you have a part/model/sku number on the Walmart dust-buster? We need to modify our ball control (it didn’t work at all) for the off-season events.

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that is the vacuum we used… as for the suction, i don’t know the exact model number… you can go to home depot or a local hardware store and i’m sure they will have it… hope this helps