571 Paragon Battery Charging Station

I was wondering how 571 has made there very own battery charging station cart thing. If you could post any tips, tricks, or instructions that would be great seeing as how my team would love to have their own.

If you didn’t know, Paragon has a little charging station on wheels that they used in the division eliminations on saturday. It showed the current voltage of all 8 batteries they were charging. All it took was one power outlet to do it. Any info would be greatly appreciateted.

it is cool, isn’t it? we built an identical one for Rage (except that its red). i don’t know exactly how the electrical side of it works, but i’ll try to find out

Later in the week i will post all BOM and the dimensions, later (in the next month) post a white page with solid works drawings on all the pices and how to assemble it.

if you really wanted to see it that badly, without relying on us actually being diligent (never a good idea), you could always check it out at battlecry or the beantown blitz. its really not that complicated, its basically just a box with a built in power strip and some hardwired voltmeters

It is SOO cool, thanks paragon, it REALY helps us:D

It took us a bit longer than we thought (OK a lot longer) to compile some instructions on our battery charger cart, but here is version 0.3 of the instructions. There is still some information missing, but we will continue to post updates to the instruction manual as we create them. Any and all comments on the design of the cabinet or instructions are welcome.


I believe this is what we are talking about. When I saw it on the floor in Atlanta next to the Archimdedes division, I thought it to be one of the very cool innovations which FIRST spawns!

(ooh… post 400!)

Note the battery cart detailed instructions are now posted in the whitepaper section, thanks to ChrisK and some others on our team with post-season energy.


The electrical gurus on Team 571 hope this brings you as much lead-acid peace and joy as we have gotten from it.

Please contact ChrisK with any suggestions or questions.