573's 2010 Video Highlights

Here’s a few of the Mech Warrior’s best matches:

The first is the Ann Arbor District Finals match 3, which was quite a nail-biter. 573, 2337, and 66 ended up winning 8-7:

Next is Qualification match 56 at the Michigan State Championship. 573 paired up with 1023 and 910, and we really showed how quickly we could feed:

Curie match 47 was one of my favorite matches all season. We were with 3234 and 27, a Michigan alliance. We got all the Michigan teams in Curie to cheer along with us, and I guess 33 heard us over in Archimedes:

Jumping all the way to IRI, qualifier 81 was another of my favorites. It was arguably the most interesting match of IRI 2010. We were paired up with 217 and 1732 verses 469, 1720, and 2081. This match shows just how diverse our robot is; usually we started in back and move balls forward, but we showed that we could be just as effective in the near zone:

We have plenty of other videos on our Youtube(including Einstein footage) as well as other webspace(check my signature) for info, highlights, etc.


At iri one of my favorite matches Is where we rematched the world champs team hot. But this time we pulled out on top! There was also a lot of pushing and shoving in the far zone when we took on 67 and the hawian team. We accidentaly broke there plastic lid and knocked out an air tank.

Good matches and good machine!

It was arguably the most interesting match of IRI 2010.

I’d argue it’s one of the most interesting qualifying matches of 2010, but for me, nothing can top the IRI semifinal 1 series, in particular, SF1-1.