573's Weekly Vlogs for 2011

A few of us came up with the idea of throwing together a weekly vlog to show the FIRST world what we are doing this build season. They don’t exactly fit the JVN challenge, but they’re a great way to show our antics and even some ideas. Here are the first two:

Week 0 - Preseason and Kickoff

Week 1 - Design

Our next vlog should be released sometime early next week(if everything goes the way we want). We already have ideas to improve our future vlogs, like less zoom. Also, in the week 0 video, we are aware that we were wrong about the correct number of minibots.


Our Week 2 Vlog is now available:

Featured in this vlog is a bit of design and a lot of prototyping, as well as some other goodies.


in regards to week 2 and the score program 123 is boss so are 217 you should of said like mech warriors 3rd Da Bears 1st :wink:

Obviously, we were joking. We have tons of respect for both teams.

Here’s our Week 3 Vlog:


Ive been waiting for this…

i know :slight_smile:

Here’s week 4’s vlog. We’re sorry it’s a bit late, but we’re starting to get frazzled.


Week 5! We’re getting there: