574 users

Wow. I just saw this
**Most users ever online was 574, Yesterday at 01:13 PM

**OK… What did I miss? That’s almost twice the previous record.

Did you have an online webhug and not invite me? :frowning:

I’m thinking thats wrong.

Probably was an unrecognized spider … hmm. I’ll check the logs later on this weekend.

Yeah, Cory and I had a conversation about that yesterday:

Cory: … CD went from a previous high of 300 users on at once on kickoff to 574 yesterday
Cory: why was yesterday special?
Me: O.o
Me: I don’ tknow
Me: …
Me: …
Me: Wow.

Good to know we weren’t left out of something!! :yikes:

Looks like we were hit by someone trying to either waste alot of bandwidth, or trying to mirror the site. I banned the 3 IP’s being used, so … if you can’t see this, let me know. :wink:

Anybody remember the previous most # of users, and the time it happened? **edit: **thanks Dez. # & date reset.