5806 The Basement Lions 2018 Reveal

We look forward to seeing everyone at the NYC Regional and SBPLI #2!

I like this one.

Nice and simple solution

Simple and effective, love the design

I like it. We also chose to use a scoop this year (0.1875" polycarbonate). How thick is your scoop material?

Hi apm4242. I’m a member of the team. Our scoop is 1/8” aluminum

Rip you got to it first. :frowning:

Yeah, it’s aluminum, and IIRC, we used a <strike>Dremel-type-thingy</strike> to get a proper edge on the plate. Not sure how thick the actual slanted edge ends up being. Works really well even when it’s not attached to the arm at all…ended up scraping a buttload of skin off my thumb giving it a particularly aggressive push…

Amusingly, our plywood prototype didn’t perform all that much worse than the metal does now. I’m pretty sure if one wanted, it’s possible to use thin wooden boards and a hand planer to create a fully-functional shovel blade.

EDIT: yeah i was wrong we sanded the plate down.