5817 Uni-Rex 2017 Robot Reveal | Oviraptor

Team 5817 is proud to present our robot for the 2017 FIRST Steamworks competition, Oviraptor!

Oviraptor will be competing at the Central Valley and Orange County Regionals in Week 2 and Week 5.

Design specs:
-Three wheel swerve powered by 3D printed globoid gears
-4-MiniCIM double barreled shooter with three stages to accelerate fuel smoothly and consistently
-19 inch wide intake on the right side
-Ratcheting climber
-Passive gear funnel
-Freeform field-oriented swerve code
-Closed loop driving
-Custom autonomous motion profiling
-Onboard vision processing using OpenCV
-Sturdy 18 gauge stainless steel sheetmetal frame
-Aesthetic orange backing
-Several hundred hexagon cutouts
-Low frame, bumpers, and center of gravity prevent tipping and high-centering

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Don’t think you linked the right video…

Expected nothing less from you guys! That is a unique climber for sure. I am sure swerve drive
will be a really nice capability this year!

I see a very, very interesting gearage design…

Thanks, fixed.

I take it that the link is supposed to go to a dank memes compilation?

*got fixed as I responded never mind.

Don’t meme and drive kids. This is what happens when you let the media kids watch videos while the video is rendering.

Not a single bench grinder?

What do you use to cut your hexagons?

Why three wheel swerve?

The intake is really great with a solid bot around it. Looking forward to watching you guys on the streams!


Our machining sponsor, ADCO, laser cuts our parts.

Having a three wheel swerve allows us to save weight, while still keeping the benefits of a four wheel swerve.

Thanks for the support.

How was your experience with the 3D printed gears?

Very cool robot, looking forward to seeing it at CVR.

They’ve actually worked really well! If all goes well, we should share some pictures or CAD soon.

Looks Sharp!

Fantastic robot from you guys this year. Does it do gears? Do you have any pictures of the globoid gears you used on the swerve modules?

Yeah it does do gears, undefended we’ve clocked a pace for up to 7 a match excluding auto. We didn’t show it in the video because we ran out of time on bag day, and our pilot was sick. I’ll see about getting some pictures of the globoids. they’re hands down my favorite part of this year’s bot.

The more I think about this robot, the more the name Oviraptor makes sense for a predatory “3-toed” robot focused on stealing round objects.
Well done!


Here is a render of the globoids from an earlier revision in the season, but the globoids haven’t really changed much. They curve around the rotation gear and mesh with 9 teeth, this distributes the load and prevents damage to the 3d printed gear. We only had one issue all season where we ran it too fast and it began to melt the abs, we slowed down the rotation a bit and so far haven’t had any issues. The globoid itself is something we will probably be posting after the season. We are hoping to use it for arm joints in the future.

These modules may be heavy, 10 pounds a piece, but they are very smart. We have encoder feedback on both the rotation and wheel spin. There is a magnetic prox sensor to auto zero each individual wheel. And they can accept a 4" or 6" wheel with no changes to the module.

We went with a 3 wheel swerve because of extra weight savings and because of the open field and no obstacles to drive over. It was a good fit. Our bumpers are only 1/2" above the carpet so it keeps us pretty steady. Most of the bot is 18 GA SS.

How did your auto zero-ing work? I’m assuming there’s a magnet embedded in the turning gear, have you found that it’s fairly accurate?

What’s the sliver rot in the bottom right corner? Any chance we will get a CAD model of the swerve module (not just the globoids)?

Awesome robot! Good luck this season!