5817 Uni-Rex 3 Cube Auto Reveal

Team 5817 Uni-Rex is proud to release a short video of our 3 cube auto routine!


This is one of our auto-routines and the kids are going to be working on more in the coming weeks. We are competing in Week 4 (Sacramento) and Week 6 (Central Valley).

I am very proud of the kids for all the hard work and dedication they have put into this robot, it is an honor to be a mentor for 5817.
Congratulations to all the teams for working so hard this season, I can’t wait to see all the great engineering designs at the competitions.

We will be posting a more detailed reveal video later in the week so keep your eyes open for that!

Nice bot.

Haha yup that is true.
Our sponsor works only in stainless steel, so with the robot needing to be so large we had to sacrifice the swerve…this year

digging it alot! Like the arm articulation and movement!


A very nice design. Very smooth driving. Has your team been practicing with it, or a prototype for a while?

Does your team share the space with the curling team :wink:

The practice bot has been mechanically built for about 3 weeks and the comp bot has been mechanically built for about 2 weeks.
The team spent a lot of time making sure that the wiring was very neat and clean.

Drivers spend about 2 hours driving multiple times a week.

We don’t compete until week 4 so the practice bot is going to be driven a lot. The next project is to double the speed of the arm to help our cycle times.

Love it. Reminds me a lot of your 2011 robot.

Really sweet looking arm. Even with the tall robots in this year’s game it will look like a dinosaur running around among them.

Adam, thanks :slight_smile: 1671’s robot from 2011 was definitely talked about during the early weeks and that is still one of my favorite Docs, I think any 1671 mentor or student would say 2011 was the turning point for the team.