5826 Auto Beam Balance

With braking function set when match ends.


Does this fit around the middle column of the switch?



I expect it would. The space between the rollers is about 12 inches and the center post looks to be about two. Still a bit of room to translate left/right for a one or three robot scenario. But hey, I’m a mentor…I don’t design these things! BTW this is not the final interation. The wheels in this version face front, next version I think is reversed. That way we hope to just drive into the pipe and slide the gizmo down it. In this version that would likely tip you over backwards. Also there are about five reasons why the final “level” was at about 2 degrees. These will be corrected. Or so I’m told.


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Very cool!

Something you may want to keep in mind is that the “system” (robot + switch mechanism) is going to have a rocking natural frequency that is very low and has low damping. Given the speed of your beam balancer, you might end up exciting this oscillation by shifting the mass of the robot in a phase lag behind the rocking angle (like a kid pumping their legs on a swing). you may need some clever PID tuning to damp this out…

I can’t wait to see the final design.

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No doubt the translation will run slower and be “feathered” in later iterations. This was literally the first time we fired it up. Our climber will also have less play when the pneumatics that raise the main cylinders are attached. I expect it will be an impressive success or an impressive failure…


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