5940 BREAD | 2018

Hey everyone,

It’s been a long three days, but it’s finally time to reveal our 2018 robot, Baguette!

Baguette features:

  • Rolley-grabber intake.
  • Automatic Power Cube pickup and active control.
  • Cascading lift system for positional cube placement.
  • Multiple autonomous modes for every field arrangement.
  • Closed-loop PID on elevator and drivetrain.
  • Custom fabricated WCD chassis and chain guards.
  • Laser-cut belly-pan with welded battery-box.
  • Two speed, 4-cim drive-train (WCP Flipped DS).
  • 6 WCP 6" Pneumatic Wheels

Good luck to everyone this year, and see you at the San Francisco and Sacramento regionals!

Video doesn’t work for me.

fixed link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV0DrFbeFOI
looks like a great robot!

Updated original link, thanks Anand!

Looks cool, see you guys in SF !

A well-designed robot; more stable than I would have expected for the extension height with a seemingly small drivebase. Good work on the bumpers as well.

But does it have field-relative positioning through non-linear state estimation?

Actually, yes. :wink: