5940 BREAD Merch Interest Form

Hello! We heard people wanted to buy our sweatshirts, so we created an interest form! This isn’t a commitment to purchase, we just want a general idea of how many we will buy and how to price them. If you’re interested in some Let’s get this bread hoodies please fill out our form!

(there’s also an option for shirts on the form, though we’re less sure if we’ll do another order of those)



Team 5940 BREAD has set up a fundraiser for our 2022 hoodies and t-shirts. This fundraiser will be open for three weeks, so get this swheat merch before it’s gone!If you are interested in getting our merch you can visit the fundraiser links below:



There will be a shipping fee so that the order can be shipped to your address. Thank you, and we hope you are having a butter day after these bread puns!


Can confirm, 10/10 hoodie.

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