5940 Thanks

Team 5940 has had the honor of working with so many fantastic teams and I wanted to thank everyone for everything they did to make our season a success. It would be impossible to thank all the people in the FRC community that helped us, but here goes my list of everyone I can remember.

  • 1678: Where can I start. You guys are such a fantastic team. Between your amazing students and the awesome mentors I have talked with (Devin, Michael, Tyler), I have learned so much. You are one of the most generous teams I have met. I look forward to working with your team in the future!

  • 254: A huge shoutout to Cory for helping us out with some shipping to CMP and to the rest of the team for lending us those 2 24T VexPro gears to get us through quals and into elims at CMP.

  • 973: Thank you so much for shipping our gear to CMP!

  • 5026: Thank you for inviting us to your shop and showing us around, and especially for giving us that VersaPlanatary 4:1 stage.

  • 1868: We learned so much from that workshop your team put together for us!

  • 971: Another team full of great people. Thank you so much for making us those brackets during the build season!

  • 4159: Without the demo of Ball-E one of your alumni gave at our first meeting, we may not have been a team this year.

  • 4904: Thanks for all the support during the build season and with starting our team. The same for 4159 goes for you guys, without your team we might not exist!

  • 3256: Thanks for the motors and pistion you guys gave us after lending you the gearbox! They came in handy at CMP.

  • 5737: Thanks for lending us that ethernet cable at SVR! It went on to play matches on Curie.

  • 5924: We enjoyed being next to you all at SVR so much! You have fantastic students and mentors and will excel in the future.

  • 2489 and 192: Thank you for selecting us for your alliance at SVR! It was a pleasure to play with you, we wish we could have gone further together!

  • 5803, 3310, and 2168: How incredible to be selected for an alliance our first year at CMP! Working with you all was an honor, and we hope to play together at CMP in the future!

  • Jason from AndyMark: We loved seeing you both at SVR and CMP, and we hope that you’ll be back at SVR to hang out next year!

So, there is my list. Team 5940 is and will always be so apreciative of your contributions to our rookie season. We hope to see you all next year!

Sorry to piggyback on your post, but I saw one team missing.

4646: Thanks a ton for letting us borrow your tools! Without the help from the caliper and tape measure we borrowed from you we wouldn’t have finished our blocking mechanism. I hope we’ll see you ASAP!

I’ll repeat what we posted in another thread. We’re watching you to be very successful in the future. You were high on our list at SVR and we expect great things from your well-run team.

Toasting in this epic BREAD.

I had a great time talking with you guys all season, please let us know if there is anything that you want advice on or help with.

No problem! It is always great to be able to help other teams out! Good luck to you and your team in the future, it was great competing with you in the Curie Division!
Hope to see your team in the future! (Thanks to the split championships, this will be alot harder. :frowning: )

I see what you did there. Bad Puns = Best Puns :yikes: