5940's 2016 Prototype

On behalf of Team 5940, I thought I would post this video of our chassis for the 2016 season driving over some of the defenses. While the chassis in the video still needs some work (structural reinforcement and pneumatics gear mainly), we are pretty happy with how the chassis is performing in our preliminary testing. We are also pleased that we were able to move relatively quickly and have a driving chassis halfway through week 2, especially as we are a rookie team!

Here is the link for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZl1mg58ze4

Thanks for checking it out!

It looks like you are using the Vexpro Ball shifter.The robot looks to be driving extremely fast, I suspect that this is your high gear.

Those speeds will cause problems and the robot will be difficult to control, and susceptible to having the CIM’s stalled if pushed in High gear.

Which spread are you using? and are you using the 3rd stage?

Awesome Drive train! Mind your bumpers and drive it like you stole it and you will do fine!

You are correct that we are using the ball shifters. Most of the time we were running the robot in the low gear, and used that to get over almost every obstacle. We also have the third stage, on which I believe the ratio is 60:24. We don’t plan on spending a lot of time in the high gear for the resons you listed and others.

Suppose I will be the one this year. Don’t forget to practice driving on Carpet. Your turning response will be much different from the concrete floor.