5940's First Robot!

On behalf of Team 5940, I would like to present our first robot chassis! It is built from an Andymark AM14U2, the KOP chassis from last year. This is the first thing that we have constructed in our new shop, with our only experience as a team building small Arduino powered line following robots for an earlier series of classes we conducted. We are running the full 2015 control system, with 4 CIM motors powered by Victor SP ESCs, although only two motors are hooked up right now due to accidentally not purchasing enough ESCs. We as a team are super thrilled with the outcome of building it, and it was a great learning experience for us to prep for the kickoff. I’ll post a few more photos once we have the last ESC, but here are some as it is now.




Excellent job, Team.
Most rookie teams struggle with a build like this for the first week of the season. Good idea to spend some money early and get the practice in during “off” season.

Great jump on the other rookie teams! If you wrote any code, don’t forget to post it in a pubicly accessible location (e.g. a public repository on github). In recent years, code published in this fashion before the game reveal can be reused on the competition robot.

Another thing you may wish to do is to review the options available for the KoP as far as different size and style of wheels, gear ratios, and overall size, and start thinking about how you can attach a variety of manipulators to this chassis. The more options and designs that you have already thought through before game reveal, the more quickly you can develop and build in January and February.

Thanks for the suggestions! We haven’t been able to do any significant programming work yet, but anything we do will be placed in our github organization!

And OBTW, you probably have this covered, but in case you are still looking for a slogan for your rookie year, I noticed that:

B.R.E.A.D. Ain’t Loafin’!

(Offered with apologies to Bud, Lou, and FIRST.)

Nice, great job! Your early initiative is a great start to your FRC career, keep up the great work!

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Keep your wiring clean, it will benefit you immensely.