5th Annual Sweet Repeat-RESCHEDULED FOR 9 OCTOBER

The Sweet Repeat has been rescheduled to October 9th, instead of the 23rd.

Darn, October 9th is an SAT test date.

Do you know the reason for the change?

It was at least partially due to a conflict with the first OCCRA competition, which was also scheduled for the 23rd. That might not be the only reason, but it was the one that I heard.

AHHHH!!! It’s not on my fall break anymore!

I’m coming anyway!!! Yay.

I am happy it’s even sooner now! I can’t wait! I hope to see a lot of tight and awesome competition there. See you all there!


PS Does anyone have a team list for FSR? I would like to see whos attending any info would help!

Unavoidable date change. Same location - Rochester H.S. in Rochester Hills, MI.

“The Fabulous All-Girls’ Tournament” in its 5th year.
The “YOU THINK YOU CAN DO IT BETTER???” All Engineers’ Tournament.

Good food available. Great music.

Register with Susan Krussell at [email protected] or www.teamfordfirst.org and click on events

I know team 5 will be there…:smiley:

Make sure DJ is commin - we gotta announce another match…:stuck_out_tongue: