5th FIRST CT Skiing/Snowboarding Experience date possibilities. Input needed!

5th FCSE place and dates to be determined!!!

Your input needed.

Dates that may work for the majority of people around the CT and New England area are as follows:

**Saturday February 24th **
Sunday February 25th
(Weekend right after shipping and before the first week of regionals)

Saturday March 10th
Sunday March 11th
Weekend in between BAE Regional & New Jersey Regional AND CT Regional in Hartford)

Special events at area resorts during those dates:

Saturday February 24th: Nothing

Sunday February 25th: Carribean Party Day @ Ski Sundown

Saturday March 10th: EMS Saturday Slope competition @ Ski Sundown

Sunday March 11th: Nothing

To rent equipment and buy a lift ticket at either Mt. Southington or Ski Sundown it will cost about $70-$80 for either skis and snowboards. To just rent a lift ticket it will cost about $40.

Also bring money for food (which could be about $10 - $15 more dollars).

Mt. Southington Info: http://www.mountsouthington.com/php/
Address for finding directions: 396 Mount Vernon Road, Plantsville CT 06479

Ski Sundown Info: http://www.skisundown.com/
Address for finding directions: 126 Ratlum Road, New Hartford, CT 06057

For those of you who don’t know, the F.C.S.E. is an activity that we started in 2004 by Team 237 as a fun event for right before Kickoff of the Robotics Season or whenever we feel like going to the mountains now.
We try & get as many people from our team and other local teams to go to Local area resorts to Snowboard or Ski (your choice).
This is not a fundraiser, but rather just a day that people can get together and have some fun on the slopes.

Put your votes in now for a date!

Sunday the 25th at Ski Sundown. :slight_smile:

darn. I thought you meant the other kind of date :smiley:

Any day would be great, I would really like to attend this one, especially considering Mt. Southington is literally 35 seconds from my house hah. I’m going to see if we can get a few more from Team 195 Cyber Knights to come, but for me any day at any location :slight_smile:

If you do it that weekend in March…I could ottally go and make a fool out of myself with my lack of Skiing history.

Aw man…I’m on the other side of the country. >_<

i can probobly go both times there are events depending on how much money I have:D

Ok folks, last call!

Pick a date for **this weekend! **(24th,25th)

Saturday or Sunday?
And where?

CHOOSE OR LOSE!!! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we should go on saturday at sundown

Saturday at Sundown

Whatever we do on Saturday I will be late for. Car shopping takes priorities over Snowboarding this weekend unfortunately since it’s my last free weekend in quite a while. (And shaking this cold would be nice too. I need a vacation somewhere warm. lol) How warm is Jersey going to be next weekend? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, if everyone is in agreement to get together at Sundown, just let me know when you will all be there until, and I’ll try to make it.

Looks like Saturday at Sundown it is though unless anyone has any major issues with that.

I’ll post in the other places this is posted today during my lunch time & when I get home tonight (darn internet restrictions to some sites lol ) to let everyone know.

I cant go anymore, I spraind my neck on monday when I fell going off a jump:(

Ouch! That sucks man. Ok Nick, no problem.
Get well in time for the NJ Regional though!
We’ll need you to be active then at least.

I should be fine in time for the regionals:D