5th Gear Gamepad Control

I’ve been messing with the 2010 5th gear software and it seems like there is support for an xbox controller. I don’t have one on hand but I was wondering if A 5th gear does support xbox controllers? and B if there was any way I could easily map the attack 3 KOP logitech joystick or a logitech gamepad to 5th gear friendly configuration?

We do currently design the game around the Xbox360 handheld controller (and with a set of keyboard commands/controls to use when an Xbox controller isn’t handy). With the Microsft XNA software in the middle of 5th Gear that is pretty easy to do.

We have not (yet) rearranged the code to make it easy to use other devices. We do know that it will be useful; but it hasn’t happened yet.

PS: The more times we hear students need something added, the higher that requested item rises in our ToDo list.

Ahh yea, I just discovered that over the weekend, and the tank drive controls are rather easy to map to a game pad using something like xpadder, so gamepad control is actually rather easy to “hack” in to 5th gear.

I’d like to put in a request to put major robot functions on the shoulder buttons instead of the face buttons.

Hmm… am I allowed to make 15 Chief Delphi sockpuppets to move this up your to-do list? :slight_smile:

Cheat codes, every game needs cheat codes! :wink:

I feel as though all of us are excited about build season as we make another robot while Mr. Blake and his crew crack their knuckles with their own challenge!

I would amend that to enabling custom key mapping on the controller and keyboard.

Creating a submenu off of the revamped main menu (seen at a once-per-day sort of startup) that will let you choose the Xbox (and maybe the keyboard) command mapping won’t be too, too hard to hack together; but it is definitely only on the nice-to-have list right now.

15 sock puppets might move it to the Required list; but writing your suggestions on the back of a $50 bill and mailing them to us will almost defintely get them on the Required list. :wink:

PS: There is a limit of one suggestion per $50 bill.