5V to the PWM terminals?

Are we suppposed to be getting 5V of power to the PWM terminals, we have been struggling getting a victor running a motor on the sidecar to test our PID controller. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There should not normally be 5v on the PWM terminals. It is not used by the victor or jaguar speed controllers.

Are you using the ribbon cable in this year’s kit. If so, did you rework it?
It’s very hard to to get a PWM cable seated in a victor correctly.

The other night I took a look at the schematic for the Digital Sidecar and discovered that the middle (red) wire of the PWM ports do not tie to the 5V. There is however a jumper for tying it to +6V for servos that require it.
The Victors derive their power from the power input terminals.

Same goes for the Jaguar.