6.4.1 Scoring Cone

How are you guys reading this?


The top of the CONE NODE is contained within the
volume defined by the conical surface of the CONE

I read it as the cone has to be somewhat upright such that any part of top of the cone is not outside base of the cone vertically.

Edit: removed drawing as it caused confusion. See picture in followup.

The rule should just say a CONE is considered SCORED if it is fully supported by the NODE and not in contact by a member of the alliance.

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I don’t even understand how that “not ok” drawing would work. Solid objects can’t coincide and all that, yeah? So how can the tip of the pole be inside the cone, but the side of the pole be outside the cone, with the rest of the pole passing through the cone base?


Ok, my drawing was bad and caused more issues than it I solved.

Is this a scored cone?

I think they are trying to get ahead of edge cases like this that may occur on accident (I have not tried this to see if it works, nor am I advocating for this to be a viable scoring method)

Or to ironclad against people arguing this:

I would say yes. The tip of the cone node is in the inside volume of the cone.


If somebody places a cone like that, they deserve the points.


Now I know 862’s strategy :wink:

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