6 775 Pro gearbox

Here’s a mockup of our idea for a 6 775 pro gearbox, ready to perform this next year in competition!

Marshall, your team is leaking.

that is the best worst Idea I have ever seen

I think the warranty on that poor versa planetary is voided… :wink:



Yes, i’m pretty sure this gearbox counts as both abuse, and misuse.

He is a very strange Zebracorn indeed. It could even prompt some to ask “how strange?”.

The future is now.

Great, now fit that baby in a chassis milled from a block of solid 7071 aluminum with some sweet decagonal wheels and you’ll be able to compete with the likes of poohbear.

So that’s getting mounted vertically as a swerve steering motor, correct?

Nah, they’re gonna be used as the inputs for a differential swerve! Oh wait…

What gear stage is in that box?


It’s actually an encoder stage but you can’t tell from the angle. :wink:

Those aren’t that happy spinning at 18k :stuck_out_tongue:


Now put it in a tube! :wink:

Here you go

I don’t see how this could work efficiently…how are the motor shafts connected to each other? And what keeps the whole thing from twisting from torque if one or more motors don’t exactly run at the same exact speed? I don’t see the benefit of this except for some really weird, weird application.

48x 775pro drive.

Can you put an output on both sides so you can power a wheel per side?

The motor shafts are connected to one another with the new Armabot Backshafter.

Also, it’s a joke. Or maybe not considering it’s coming from 900…