6 CIM Drivetrain with E4Ps

Hey guys! If I have a 6 CIM drivetrain, 3 CIMS per side, do I only need one E4P per side? So two total? The CIMS are in custom gearboxes. I’m using Talon SRXs. If you need more info, please ask.


Most people put the encoder on the gearbox output shaft and therefore only need one per gearbox (two total per bot in the case of tank drive)

You will need to include any gear reductions after the gearbox output shaft (i.e. chain sprocket reductions) and the wheel size to calculate the wheel velocity and distance traveled.


Okay. Thanks!

Also, how do I connect an E4P to an SRX? The SRX seems to have a specific cable available, but is there a way I can connect the E4P to it directly? I looked over the appropriate section in the Talon SRX user manual, but I’m still not seeing a clear solution.


There are also other boards available. I prefer this one as I’d rather crimp connectors than solder.