6 CIM motors max, but unlimited AndyMark Bane-Bot motors

Just want to be sure we are reading R29 correctly. We can legally have unlimited AndyMark Bane-Bot motors, right?

Yes, but the roboRio only has 11 PWM’s so after 6 cims you can have maximum 5 banebots.

You can definitely run more than 11 motors on a robot, or even more than 11 unique PWM outputs. This is not a hard limit on the number of motors on the robot and shouldn’t be stated as such.

Good point. Thank you.

You could always utilize CAN instead of PWM.

Your upper limit is going to come from the available number of WAGO slots on your PDP.

Yes, but if they do need more there is always the More Board, though if you are running too many motors you run the risk of a brownout.

Link to the More Board: http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-2995.htm

That is a great thought. How would that work? Would I need a second RoboRio? a second Power Supply panel?

Thanks for the link. Very helpful. Wow, we have a lot to learn… :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you re-read this document: https://firstfrc.blob.core.windows.net/frc2016manuals/GameManual/FRC-2016-game-manual-04.pdf

Pay attention to rule R56 and R36.

Full size CIM’s are the only motor that has a ‘limit’ this season.

This is not related to the limit, but Andymark does not actually have “Bane-bots” motors, are you talking about the 550 style 9015 or the Andymark PG 775 motor.

It is important to note that the Andymark Planetary Gearbox with 775 motor is not a banebots RS775-18 and is a Andymark RS775-125 which is very weak in comparison to the Banebots or WCP 775 motors. It has less than 20% of the output power of the RS775-18.

You can also use PWM Y-Cables to connect multiple speed controllers receiving the same signal. All of the motors on the same gearbox should probably be connected to speed controllers connected via PWM Y-Cables. This saves on the number of ports you need to use.

Thanks so much for the guidance. So, I see that only ONE power supply and ONE RoboRio is allowed. So it looks like either the MORE board or the WAGO slots is the way of increasing the number of motors?

That’s right. I forgot about the y-connectors. Thank you.

The WAGO slots on the PDP are the “ports” that you plug your motor-controller wires into.

You can not (FRC-legally) modify the PDP to have more WAGO slots. The MORE board allows you to have more PWM outputs, but won’t actually give you more WAGO slots.


As to your question about the “Y” connector:

Yes you could do that. Make sure that each CIM motor is connected to it’s own motor controller, and each of those motor controllers are connected to different WAGO slots.

Keep in mind, whatever PWM signal you send into the “Y” cable will be sent to both. You can’t address each motor controller individually that way. So make sure that the motors spin the correct directions and aren’t fighting each other once inside the gearbox.

Yes, You can since the motors will always have to go in the same, direction and power.

Oh! Thank you for the clarification. That is important.

Fantastic info. Thank you.

There is a helpful comparison between most legal motors available at

Thank you so much. That is an excellent resource and is now on my wall as a permanent reference.

This would be an appropriate time to remind everyone that the battery can only supply so much energy. You can load up a lot of motors but running many of them at the same time will lead to brownouts. There is no free lunch fellow knights.