6 hour robot access period

As our team is attending two michigan district events, we were wondering if we will have two access periods, one for the first event and one for the second. We think we can, just would rather know for sure before we get disqualified!

can any of the Michigan teams help?

I’m not in MI, I’ve never been to MI… but I do know where to find the MI Rules Supplement. (OK, it took a little bit of looking on the FiM site.)


Once you look at the appropriate MI Access Period rules in that document, you’ll find that your thinking is correct; you get one per event (replaces your practice-day tweaking).

Thanks! My team didn’t believe me, now maybe we can get it working fully by competition!

If you are going to state championship I believe you are allowed a 4-hour access period for it according to my mentor.

I see no mention of any 4 hour access period.
If the Championship is a 2 day event then the Robot Access Period would be valid… I think.

This is what is in the competition manual:

4.2. ‘Robot Access Period Schedule’

Teams may unlock their robot for a total of 6 hours*** during the 7-day period preceding*** any two-day event in which their team will be competing with their robot. The 6 hours may be broken up in any way the team wishes, with the exception that no single access period may be shorter than two hours. The robot must be locked up in between sessions and this must be documented on the Robot Lock-Up Form each time.

Just remember you can’t open the bag during any time except during the 7 days preceding your event…

good luck!!