6 hours?

So our team used our “First” 6 hours before week one and we were wondering if we get another 6 hours before our next competition? I would also apreciate it if some one could direct me to the rules on this. Thank you very much.

What are you referring to as “your first six hours”?

Are you referring to Thursday at the competition? Because every competition is 3 days long. Thursday is for unpacking the robot, setting up the pit, getting inspected, and playing some practice matches. If this is what you are referring to then yes. Some competitions start on Friday and go to Sunday, but it’s the same schedule just pushed back a day.

If this isn’t what you were referring to then please explain with more detail.

He is talking about Michigan district rules. http://www.firstinmichigan.org/

Not the 6 hours at competition, the michigan district rules as mentioned above.

4.8.3 Teams Attending 2-Day Events
Two-day events for the 2010 season include Pittsburgh, Sacramento, and all Michigan District Events. Teams attending these events will not have as much time to work on their robots at events as teams attending traditional 3-day events. Because of this difference, these teams are granted an additional ‘Robot Access Period’ to unbag their robot between robot ship day and their 2-day events. ‘Robot Access Period’ – Permitted Actions
During the Robot Access Period, teams may perform any activity they would normally do during the build season, including practicing with the robot.
FIRST® 2010 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual - Section 4 – Robot Transportation, Rev A Page 18 of 20 ‘Robot Access Period’ - Schedule
**Teams may unlock their robot for a total of 6 hours during the 7-day period preceding any two-day event in which their team will be competing with their robot. **The 6 hours may be broken up in any way the team wishes, with the exception that no single access period may be shorter than two hours. The robot must be locked up in between sessions and this must be documented on the Robot Lock-Up Form each time.

4.8.4 Robot Lock and Unlock Instructions Completing the Robot Lock-Up Form
The Robot Lock-up Form is available on the Robot Shipping page of the FIRST website at http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/content.aspx?id=3570 Make sure that you complete every item on the line. Incomplete forms will be rejected by inspectors at events. The Robot Lock-Up Form must be filled in by an adult, 18 years or older, who is not a student on the team. By signing this form the signor attests to the fact that he/she is 18 years old or older, is not a student member of the team, and that all rules a regulations regarding access periods and lock or unlock are being followed. Phone numbers are required for verification in case inspectors at events have questions regarding the form. When the Robot Lock-Up Form must be used
The Robot Lock-Up Form must be filled in during the periods indicated in Sections 4.8.2 and 4.8.3. The forms also apply when the robot is being locked up and when it is being unlocked. Robots do not need to be locked up during the regular build season before ROBOT SHIP DAY.

My reading of says “any”, so I would say yes. Make sure you do it in the 7 days prior to the event.

We just go an answer from first, They said you get 6 hours 7days prior to each district event you are attending. So 6 hours 7 days before each district.

It is not just 7 days prior, it is “during the 7 day period preceding”. ‘Robot Access Period’ - Schedule
Teams may unlock their robot for a total of 6 hours during the 7-day period preceding any two-day event in which their team will be competing with their robot.

Using Sacramento as an example, a Wednesday -Thursday event, we will be accessing our robot on the Saturday prior to the event.