6" omni wheel inventor download?

does anyone know where i can obtain the 6"omni wheel file download for autodesk inventor?

There isn’t a single 6" omniwheel to the exclusion of all others, so it might be helpful to us all if you were able to provide a bit more information about the supplier of the omniwheel you’re looking for. Is it from AndyMark?

AndyMark has CAD models of nearly all of their products available on their website (www.andymark.biz). Autodesk Inventor is capable of opening many types of files beyond its native .iam and .ipt formats. AM’s website provides files in the STEP format and Inventor is quite capable of opening them.

http://firstcadlibrary.com/ has inventor models of a couple different ones on the “wheels” page

thanks for the help and i found the file on the firstcadlibrary website i appreciate the answers