6" pneumatic wheels AM- bolt on to KOP chassis?

Two questions:
1.Do the AndyMark 6" Pneumatic wheels seamlessly bolt on to the KOP chassis replacing the 6" High traction wheels?

  1. Do you have experience with these wheels and are they worth it to get over the Shield Generator Boundary rail?

I have the 8 wheel kit already. wondering if these wheels will help or not.

Question 0: Are these wheels available, or likely to be available with enough time for you to practice?

Looking at the drawing, they appear to have the “standard” 6-hole pattern that most AM wheel/hub/sprocket items have. Therefore, they are likely to be a drop-in replacement to the sprockets. BUT, mind your width–they’re over 2" wide.

For pneumatic wheels in general, it might be. It also might not be.

There is a conversion kit to make the pneumatic wheels fit, I suggest you spend more time looking around on the AM web page to find it. I think you’ll see that the frame rails need to be moved a bit, longer axle bolts, different spacers, etc to make it work.

but that’s just a faint memory, from looking into it three weeks ago. I’m 58 years old and can’t remember stuff as well as I used to.

Yep, virtually no conversion to the KOP chassis will drop in without any hardware changes. We’re finishing up the 8" pneumatic wheel installs now and had to widen the wheel channels, get longer Toughbox output shafts that are then cut to size, put on larger pulleys, and make new spacers. We didn’t like how the spacer setup was working in the provided drawings so we ended up customizing it further, which adds some more time.

Also worth noting, the 6" AndyMark pneumatic wheel is brand new this year so no one has competition experience with it unless they got to beta test it.

“Worth it” depends on your strategy and time. If you are a trench runner probably not. If you will frequently cross the shield generator then it might be. If you have to wait another 2 weeks to get them almost certainly not. You are better off having a driving robot sooner.

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Well, yes and no… The 6” pneumatic tire is new this year, but the 6” pneumatic wheel hub has been around for quite a while, using a different tire than the current one. We on 1519 bought our first am-2469 6” pneumatic wheel hubs in 2013. We have never had one break on a robot when properly assembled.

We have regularly used the 6” and 8” pneumatic wheels - they are the only wheels we have used on our 8WD tank drive robots since 2016. We have been very happy with them and are running the 6” ones again in 2020, albeit continuing to use the old tire style.

As others have mentioned, the 6” pneumatic wheel hub is quite wide; the standard AM14U drive base may require widening the drive channels to fit those wheels in them. We use 4” wide drive channels on our custom sheet metal frame.

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