6 poll 2 way switch...

is a 6 six poll 2 way switch considered a light switch?
I am using it for my mini bot


by what reasoning

Is there a similar one operating a light fixture in any household you have ever been in? If the answer is no, then you will likely have a joy of a time convincing the inspectors that it is a common household light switch as per the minibot rules.

bro chill your nuts please i was just making sure

No need to be rude.

i asked him nicely to calm down

Respectfully, that wasn’t ‘nicely’.
By GDC definition, the switch must be of a type normally mounted in a wall box for controlling the lights in your house.

That depends on whos household. Now if that is an engineer’s house…

ok i guess there was some negativity there.
are there any 6 poll 2 way light switches?

There are some specialty switches but not for mounting in a standard “household wall box”.

There is no such thing as a 6 pole 2 way switch, you are mixing up naming conventions for switches in general (the x poll) and switches used in household wiring (the x way)

What are you trying to accomplish with this switch?

A 3way switch can be used to switch between “on” and “brake”

A 4 way switch can be used to switch between “forward” and “reverse” Or it can switch between 2 motors in “forward” and 1 motor in “reverse” plus 1 motor in “brake” mode.

What he said. Why on Earth would you need a 6PDT switch? You can probably get away with a 3-way light switch which is a SPDT switch.

Post a schematic of what you’re trying to do. We might have some suggestions for ways to accomplish the task with a legal part(s).

ok so what you are telling me is this
does not exist? i found one, i don’t know electrical sorry if i mixed up the name in anyway
but i have found plenty and i was told that it was called a 6 poll/pole 2 way switch and here is another one http://www.decdun.me.uk/gc/dpdt.l.jpg

What you are showing in your links is either a 2 pole double throw or a two pole double throw center off switch. Yes there are house switches that are equivalent, but hard to find. You may not use the one in the pictures as they are not classified as house type switches. The “two pole” refers to the two distinct circuits (three terminals on one side and three on the other.) The “double throw” refers to pushing the switch up connects the bottom two terminals on each side. Pushing it down connects the top two terminals on each side. In order to be a “six pole” switch, you would need six columns of three terminals each or a total of 18 terminals.

What you have shown are DPDT switches, or Double Pole, Double Throw. The switches you have shown are also illegal to use as they are not designed to go into a household application for lighting.

Here is a 4PDT switch: http://media.digikey.com/photos/NKK%20Switches%20Photos/S42_sml.jpg

6PDT’s are very uncommon.

Please stop trying to make an argument and help us out. I cannot care less about what you’re using it for. We’re all on this board to help other teams out. If you want to start an argument, go elsewhere. If you want help, provide us with some information for what you are trying to do.

Are you trying to make an electronic brake for your mini-bot? You can get away with a SPDT switch to do that with. We don’t know what you want to do.

Also, you apparently don’t know what you’re talking about with electrical, so please stop arguing there. 6PDT != DPDT.

From the picture it appears that as was noted the sw in question is a on-off-on style switch it can be used for motor reversing. Unfortunately that sw is not legal. There is no identical function switch that qualifies as a “common household sw”. The legal “common household” 4way sw can be used to reverse motors but it lacks the center off position.

I know i have said that I do not know electrical terms several times and yes i guess i do mean a DPDT i am not sure. we are useing the switch to reverse the Mini-Bot when iot hits the top

yes it is just an on/off switch so the one i have is not leagal.
thanks for the help that was what i was looking for