6 Regional Season?

So I was wondering if a team has ever gone to 6 events - 1 event every week of competition season. I’m aware that 1477 went to 4 events last year, and that’s a lot for most teams. But has any team ever done 6?


RIDE likely punched our ticket to NE DCMP where we will attempt to punch a ticket to CMP. 6 events. Plus a week 0.

6 True 3 day regional events?
If it was up to me, I’d try it and most of our kids would do it.

But then our other mentors and wife would kill me because of it…so yeah, probably not.

4 on the other hand…:rolleyes:

Here’s a simple tally over the years.
It includes CMP.

I bet it becomes more common with district events - it’s a lot easier to commit to a Sat/Sun event every week than a Th/Fri/Sat event where mentors have to miss work and students have to miss school. As to the affect it has on non-robotics personal relationships…

It would never work. Too many days out of school during a short period of time. Now if we had a 3 month season that would be something else.

Oh, so unless the team in 2011 and the team in 2013 didn’t qualify it’s never happened recently.

Both the 6-event teams included a Championship visit.

*]2013 was Team 3314
It hasn’t happened since FRC started in 1992.

FRC hasn’t always had 6 weeks of competition (for example, in 2000 there were 4 weeks of regionals followed by champs)… Since they started having regionals that qualify for champs, has there ever been a team that competed every week? So in 2000 that would be 4 regionals + champs for a total of 5 weeks.

I can’t imagine it being feasible for a team with a budget of under $100,000 per year, as well as needing a school dedicated to FRC. On top of that having mentors as a paid position would be almost necessary since 3-4 days a week off from a job for 6 weeks plus championships is basically impossible. If such a team existed I would love to be on it, but it will take a lot of development in the FRC world before that becomes possible.

In a word, yes there were actually quite a few in the early years (pre-2000).
For many years Championships was open to anyone who wanted to go and with only a few event weeks it was easier for schools to let students off for each of the available events.

2012 I did:

Orlando - RI
South Florida
CVR - RI/Judge
CMP - FLL Judge

Without much problem from from my full time job. My health, however, was a different story. Working 40 hours in 3 days followed by 3 days of regionals and a day of traveling was brutal on my health.

I did 17 events last year.
think the problem of teams doing events week after week after week is missing so much school as much as it is financially difficult. Plus the robot will eventually break down from so much action.

:smiley: One can dream.

17? Which ones?

Probably includes some that aren’t FRC

I did 14 last year, missed 3 of the ones I normally volunteer for due to being out of the country for 2.5 months of the year.

I expect to hit closer to 18 this year, with 6 weeks in a row of FRC events helping to establish a strong pace. :ahh:

I’ll still end up behind Ed somehow though :wink:

GTR West
Championship (Newton)
Beantown Blitz
Midknight Mayhem
Kettering Kickoff
Rah Cha Cha Ruckus
Duel on the Delaware
Brunswick Eruption

If a team were to pack up everything and get on a plane saturday night, they might just make it in time to compete at Israel the next day.

Combine that with state championships and the World Championship and that could be 9 official FRC events in 1 season.:wink:

I did do a NY State FTC qualifier as well.